15. june – 08. july 2010

Football – The brazilian passion

Evandro Teixeira, born in Bahia, starts his career as a photographer in 1958 at DIÁRIO DA NOITE in Rio de Janeiro. In 1963, JORNAL DO BRASIL hired him, and he works there until now, covering the main political, social and sportive facts of the country and remarkable events of worldwide scene. Military Coup d’état in Brazil, Coup d’état in Chile, Olympic Games, World Cups. Kings and queen’s visits, presidential travels, popes pilgrimages. Models in Paris catwalks, police violence, drought in poor Brazilian Northeast. Teixeira’s look wins over Brazil and the world. Beyond the main capitals of the country, Evandro has exhibited in Paris, Frankfurt, Zurich, Madrid, Venice, Basel, New York, Cuba, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Bogota. His name and curriculum are in the International Photographers Encyclopedia, where the most important names of photography since 1839 until nowadays are joined. His photos are in the archives of the Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Masp and Museum of Contemporary Art, São Paulo, Museum of Fine Arts, Zurich, Switzerland, and Museum of Modern Art La Tertulia, Cali, Colombia.

His first award came in 1969 conceded by the Inter-American Press Society. Also received, among others, the awards from international contests of Nikon (Japan, 1975 and 1991) and UNESCO (1993). International issues as ‘Photo’ (France), ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ and ‘7’ (Italy), ‘Leica World’ magazine (Germany) and ‘Swiss Photography’ magazine have already dedicated some of their pages to his work. In brazilian press, he’s an obligatory reference when the topic is photography. Eventually, he’s juror of important national and international awards. In 2010 he received the Cultural Award of the state of Rio de Janeiro.