14. September – 23. November 2017


Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1980, Marcelo Jácome is an urban artist characterized by an urban childhood.

Marcelo Jácome works conceptually close to the space-time dimension. He leads his painting into design by using the dimension of space. His works are sculptural, yet still exhibit the momentum and the intuitive character of drawings. Almost arbitrarily, his installations seem to float in the air, like a group of colorful tropical birds, somewhat agitated and confused. The materials – silk paper stretched on bamboo wood and attached with cotton yarn – are light and airy and exposed to wind, so that a natural flow and constant movement of its conceptual art is indigenous and the works are never rigid and stiff. Nevertheless, depending on the viewer’s point of view, the sculptural objects form an almost closed cover, a sheltered space, under or in which the orientation is easily lost, by the autonomy of color and form that make up the construction.

The theme of kites always returns to him in his work, embracing his oeuvre as a whole. It is the architecture and the linkage of several levels, which underlie Marcelo’s kite constructions, that fascinate him. “The path to the work of art is a very individual one. Colors and shapes are created in my head, are joined together, resulting in an architectural design”, says Marcelo Jácome, who studied architecture.

The string and thread installation require and allow interaction. The viewer takes a part in the work of art and changes it briefly when he moves in it. The threads, linked like kite scaffolds, only unstressed, confuse the eye. It seeks a hold outside the work, the colorful maze of cords acts on the perception almost stroboscopically. And the human perception seems to reach its limits.

Marcelo Jácome’s work seems to evade a concrete description, just as a kite moves in the air. It creates its own path, held only by a thin but firm thread, steerable, but not foreseeable. Structurally, Marcelo works with the transition from two- to three-dimensionality, as well as with the inside and the outside, with the void and the abundance of the spatial dimension.

For the Brasilea Foundation, Marcelo Jácome is constructing a huge installation consisting of 1’250 individual kites. These are linked in the pedestal floor to an extensive sculpture. The visitor can interact with this sculpture by surrounding and walking beneath it. Furthermore, an installation on the outer façade of the exhibition center is displayed as art in the public space: pontos suspensos – drawn points, about 1’000 hanging colorful ribbons, hanging along the crane and forming a curtain to the stage – which is the exhibition. On the raised ground floor, the Brasilea exhibits about 42 works on wood, as well as paperwork, collages and drawings. In the collection rooms on the upper floor, a thread construction made by Marcelo will stretch above a cabinet. In this room, visitors can view video sequences and documentaries on the work of Marcelo Jàcome.

In 2014 Marcelo Jácome was nominated for the prestigious Brazilian Pipa Prize. He has held solo exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro, London and Geneva, and his work is presented in the Saatchi Collection. In 2014 he was exhibited at “The Solo Project” at Art Basel.

Produced by VernissageTV

Vernissage, 14th September, 2017