FAQs und AGB

Brasilea can be rented after arrangement in the period from Monday to Sunday without curfews. There are no restrictions on the roof terrace until 22:00. Background music is allowed from 22:00 – 24:00. After 24:00 the roof terrace must be closed. Windows (indoor ) must be closed from 22:00.


For one-day events, the facilities are available from 08:00 – 17:00 hours. Deviations are to be discussed with Brasilea. Their use over the specified period will imply a 65 CHF fee per additional hour. The duration of halfday events is limited to 4.5 hours. If the duration is exceeded, the flat daily rate will be applied. • Weekend rent: Valid until 02:00 am. From this time on, event support will be charged at 150 CHF/ h per additional hour.


All rental prices include assembly and dismantling, event support (-2:00) and a cleaning fee. VAT is not to be paid by the Foundation.

Brasilea recommends four catering partners. The tenant is basically free to choose a catering company. It is presupposed that it concerns a professional company that takes over the entire restoration task. Deviations are to be discussed with Brasilea.


Small items such as table linen, kitchenware, glasses etc. are not available and must be brought along by the catering company.


The organizer can have leftovers of decoration material, seminar documents etc. disposed by Brasilea. From 50 L a disposal fee of 25 CHF is charged.


Smoking is prohibited in all rooms. • All floors are connected by a lift and are barrier-free. • Concerts or any other musical performances must be arranged with Brasilea.


The cancellation of an event confirmed in writing is possible free of charge up to 90 days before the event. For cancellations up to 45 days before the event 50% of the rent value will be charged excluding the cleaning fee and the event support. A later cancellation requires the payment of 100% of the rental price.

57 public parking spaces are available right in front of Brasilea. The parking fee can be paid locally in CHF and EUR or cashless via the Parkingpay App. The parking rates are valid from Monday to Saturday from 06:00 to 24:00. Up to 5 hours the amount of 1.10 CHF / h will be charged. From 6 hours 1.60 CHF / h will be charged.


With the booking of the location, the organizer of Brasilea allows the use of personal images for the use on the website and social media channels (facebook, instagram). Personal images in this sense are photos, graphics, or video publications on which people can be individually recognized. The granting of rights takes place without remuneration and also includes the right to edit, as far as it is not distorting. Insofar as not revoking the consent, this shall apply indefinitely. The consent is voluntary. The refusal of the consent or its revocation does not result in any disadvantages.