BRASILEA News #06 – Brasilea’s new team


From the left to the right: Jean-Marc Wallach (Board Member), Felix Wüthrich (Founder Family), Kurt Haldimann (Counselor Stifter-Familie), Annina Brunner (Board Member), Thomas Bürgi (Board President), Tatiana Vieira (Executive Director), Gottlieb Prack (Board Member), Christoph Schnoz (Guest Event Manager) und Enrico Tarelli (Board Member).


Dear Brasileans

The Brasilea Foundation had an unusual year. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, of course, but also because of the Daniel Faust’s leaving in September 2020 and the subsequent change in the management. On November 1st, 2020, Tatiana Andrade Vieira assumed the position of executive director of the Brasilea Foundation. At the same time, longtime employee Christoph Schnoz was hired by Brasilea as coordinator of external events. The Brasilea Foundation’s board also grew through the entry of Annina Brunner. She studied art history and geography and has worked for three years as a VIP manager at Art Basel.

The new Brasilea team is happy and motivated to work together!

In 2021, new concepts will be developed to intensify the exchange between Basel and Brazil and to include other forms of cultural expression. The life work of our founder Walter Wüthrich will be at the center of our activities. There will also be changes in the area of ​​external events. More information will be available next year!

The Brasilea team wishes everyone wonderful holidays and a healthy and prosperous 2021.

Tatiana Vieira, Executive Director &
Thomas Bürgi, President of the Brasilea Foundation