11. September – 30. October 2014

Claudia Melli – SÉRIE AZUL & João de Orleans e Bragança – REFLEXOS

Claudia Melli‘s landscapes are timeless and full of contrast. Their vastness and emptiness of nature is recorded in black and white. For the „Série Azul“, the artist doesn‘t use the color blue for the representation of the sky or the ocean, rather it‘s up to the observer to imagine it. Claudia Melli‘s photographic images are painted with ink on glass.

„Reflexos“ by João de Orleans e Bragança is inspired by the picturesque fishing boats in the bay of Parati, all colorful lying in the harbor and put to sea. His photographies are based on painting and look like an abstract style. Colors and shapes explode positively into each other and the photographed details generate new, enigmatic structures, which can not be immediately unraveled.

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<h3>Vernissage, 21. Januar 2016</h3>